Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Location Suggestions

Well hello there! Soo.....You've booked your session and now you're wondering WHERE we should go! Here are a few suggestions but I am ALWAYS open to anything! :) If you plan on bringing pets, please let me know so we can both be sure pets will be allowed.

Durant Nature Park (North Raleigh):

Falls Dam (North Raleigh):

Christmas Tree Farm (North Raleigh):

Nc State Campus or Arboretum:

Downtown Raleigh:

YOUR house:

NC Museum of Art:

Joyner Park (Wake Forest):

Tobacco Road (Durham, NC):

Greenway (North Raleigh, NC):

Oakview Park (Raleigh, NC):

UNC Chapel Hill:

Pullen Park (Raleigh, NC):

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