Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Location, Location, Location!

I get emails all the time from clients asking where I recommend we go for pictures.  I have so many favorite spots... and I can offer you hundreds of suggestions, but I thought it may help if you get to SEE some of the locations I like to shoot at.  I have to admit, some of my favorite spots are RIGHT AT your house- sometimes kids are MOST comfortable in their own back yards.  If you have any questions about these locations, just let me know!  Enjoy!  
And happy "shopping" for our next shoot :)


Falls Dam (North Raleigh):

Fletcher Park (off Glenwood Ave):

The Greenway:

Joyner Park (Wake Forest):

Another session at Joyner Park:

Durant Nature Park (North Raleigh):

Another Durant Nature Park:

Nature Preserve (North Raleigh):

Oak View Historic Park (near 440):

Raleigh Little Theater (downtown Raleigh):

Train Tracks (This was taken in North Raleigh):

UNC Chapel Hill:

Downtown Raleigh:

Urban setting in Wake Forest, NC:

Yates Mill (near 40):

Your home:

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